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rug CARE

for various stains, from coffee and tea to blood and wine, apply some warm water onto the stain with a damp sponge. it is advisable to not use force during this delicate operation, so as to not further push down the stains into the fibers and backing. carefully pour some baking soda powder onto the spillage, and allow this to rest and absorb excess liquid for no more than seven to ten minutes. simply vacuum up the powder and leave to dry

notes and observations

we over compensate, on average, with about 2 percent of your rug size so that post-shrinkage, you will generally still get your exact measurements. that said, because our rugs are hand finished, there may be small variations in size

prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause slight color changes; it is recommended to rotate your rug periodically so as to even out any natural discoloration

light falls differently on cut pile rugs due to movement and slant direction; this may present as more or less strong and bright shading

wool rugs will dislodge lint due to friction; frequent vacuuming within the first three months of your rug's life will effectively terminate shedding - note that for loop pile rugs, we recommend that you detach the beater bar extension on your vacuum head so as to minimize the friction on the surface

cut pile rugs may present loosened threads due to vacuuming, so feel free to cut the obtrusion carefully with scissors