stitch was founded with the idea that CHOICE is the only acceptable "trend"

we strive to produce rugs that tell the story not only of our master craftspeople and their investment in the techniques of the trade, but equally, your story

we firmly believe that you should be invested in your unique rug's creation, from the pages of the drawing board until it is delivered to your door and laid out at your feet. we pick only the finest materials, and constantly work with providers to ensure quality and sustainability, for our focus is not only on the beauty of your stitch rug, but also its ecological impact on our shared world. this means that, when available, we will always source our material from local producers, engaging with them to evaluate their production process. often, we seek to implement a policy of reduce, reuse and recycle, and it is truly quite magical how this results in absolutely beautiful rugs to adorn your homes and offices

at stitch, we are always seeking to collaborate with artistic and creative individuals from around the globe for limited-run productions. sometimes, our workshop and showroom will reflect this excitement as artists stop by to engage with our design and production teams, inducing a complete makeover of the space to accommodate our growing family. all are welcome, always - get in touch at or by stopping by our showrooms in casablanca

these are not (novel) concepts, nor are they (business) strategies and fodder for ad campaigns -- we truly love our craft, and it would be our utmost pleasure to share with all this joy of creation

luxury is no longer a right; art in the age of robotic production